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South Korea Tourism (Top 30 Countries to visit)

South Korea Tourism (Top 30 Countries to visit):-

East Asian country,South Korea, officially known as Republic of Korea, Consisting the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. In April 2016, National Statistical Office reported South Korea’s population was to be around 50.8 million. South Korea is well-known for its population density, Which was an estimated 505 per square kilometer in 2015. More than 10 times the global average, highly compacted.

Geographically South Korea can be divided in four major regions. A western section of wide coastal plains, river basins, and also rolling hills ; an eastern region of high mountain ranges and slim coastal plains; a southwestern area of mountains as well as valleys; and a southeastern section conquered by the broad basin of the Nakdong River.

South Korea has the world’s 6th highest number of active troops (650,000 in 2011), the world’s 2nd highest number of reserve troops (3,200,000 in 2011) and also the eleventh biggest defense budget. With strength of 3.7 million regular soldiers among a total national population of 50 million people, South Korea has the second highest number of soldiers per capita in the world. Its military consists of the Army (ROKA), the Navy (ROKN), the Air Force (ROKAF), and the Marine Corps (ROKMC), and also reserve forces mainly focused on Korean Demilitarized Zone.


Seoul, main city in South Korea and also most centralized area, that’s why 36.4% of total cultural infrastructure situated in Seoul. Jeonju is the most popular destination for Korean travelers. Due to its historic architecture the city  named as UNESCO CITY OF GASTRONOMY. STINSON PARK at JEJU CITY on JEJUDO ISLAND provides glance of marine animals. One can also enjoy the traditional method of sea food garbing at dragon shaped YONGDUAM PARK. Annually more than 14.4 million visitors are visiting SOUTH KOREA for tourism. Census of 2015 reported more than half of the South Korean population (56.9%) declared themselves not affiliated with any religious organizations means “atheism”. It somehow affects the social organization in South Korea.


1.Gyeongbokgung Palace

2.Nami Island

3.N Seoul Tower





8.Lotte World



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