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SHIMLA (Top 100 Places to visit)

SHIMLA (Top 100 Places to visit):-

Shimla is capital of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh located at a height of 2,276 m (7,467 ft). It is Well known for its beautiful snow capped mountains and magnificent beauty of nature.

It  located on seven major hills namely – Observatory Hill, Prospect Hill, Inveram Hill, Summer Hill, Elysium Hill, Jakhoo Hill and Bantony Hill. In 1864, Shimla declared as the summer capital of British India.

The name “Shimla”  derived from the name of a Goddess – Shyamala Devi who considered as an incarnation of another Hindu Goddess “Kali”.

The Kalka Shimla Railway line is recognized as world Heritage site by UNESCO. The Guinness book of Railway facts and feats “records Kalka Shimla Railway as the greatest narrow gauge engineering in India. This route comprises 864 bridges and 107 tunnels.

If you want to add more fun and adventure to your trip to Shimla, you can try your hand at Ice Skating. Shimla has the largest Ice Skating Rink in India. It attracts many tourists and locals who enjoys Ice Skating.

Places to see:-

Jakhoo temple-

Temple at the Jakhoo Hill dedicated to the Lord Hanuman. Jakhoo Hill is the highest point of the city. It covered with the Alpine trees. It  believed that this temple holds the footprints of Lord Hanuman.

Annadale –

Annandale is a very beautiful spot that gives away a picturesque view of the Shimla city along with its surroundings .this place is famous for its green golf course, Army museum and a cactus museum.

Chadwick Waterfall –

Situated amidst the dense Glen Forest, the waterfall located at a distance of 7 km from Shimla and 4 km from Summer Hill. Its crystal clear water cascades down a deep gorge at a height of 86 meters. Chadwik fall situated at a height of 1580 meter from sea level.

Kufri –

Kufri located about 19 kilometers from Shimla. It located at an altitude of 2743 m. The hill station delights nature lovers and adventurers alike. It is the best place for trekking and skiing. Kufri, known for its tranquil surroundings, breathtaking views as well as distinct stunning locales.

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