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Luminous Computer 600VA UPS

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  • Computer 600VA UPS
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Features and Specifications  
Length 313 mm
Width 95 mm
Weight 7.0 kg
Voltage Range 150V AC to 275V AC
Frequency 50Hz +/- 6%
Voltage(Inverter mode) 220V AC Nominal
Frequency(Inverter Mode) 50Hz +/- 2%
Voltage(Mains AVR Mode) 220V +/- 12%
Transfer Time (Typical as) 3 m.s
Surge Protection Optional
Modem/Network(OPTIONAL) RJ-11
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Number 1 No. 12V 7Ah
Typical Recharge Time 8 Hours (upto 90% of full capacity)
Protection Deep Discharge Protection
Deep Discharge Protection User Replaceable
Led Indication Inverter On, On Mains Normal, Mains On, Low Battery Trip
Mains Normal Green
On Battery Mode Orange
Low Battery Pre-alarm Orange Blinking
Over Load/Batt. Low/Batt. Mode Short-Circuit Trip Red
No Load Shut Dow Red Blinking
On Battery Mode Beeps Every 30Sec
Low Battery Pre-alarm Continuous Beeping
Over Load/Batt. Low/Batt. Mode Short-Circuit Trip Inverter mode O/P trip with continuous beeping and low battery indication
Low Battery Pre-alarm Continuous Beeping
Computer Interface Db9(Optional) Bi-directional (dry contact) Mains failure
Operating Temperature 0-40 deg C (32-104 deg F)
Storage Temperature 0-40 deg C (32-104 deg F)
Humidity 0-95% RH non-condensing
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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