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1)-Be Reader of target audience, Then Write-

Before starting writing a blog, try to relate with your target user. One should know that writing is a bridge between the mind of writer and reader, try to overlap one side with another by knowing, what your user want to read? Firstly try to create a mental connection with users, for this, be reader of your own blog.

2)-Professional language or friendly tone?-

Firstly, it is good to create a blue print of your blog in your mind. By knowing your user’s mindset and expectations choose what language you want? Sometime it is good to make a blend of professionalism and friendly connection with independent assortment but be sensitive about your user before choosing your writing tone.

3)-Choose an Influential Title-

If you compare your blog with a human body, surely then title is your head including brain. Try to make title influential, as influential as you can. It is good if your title makes a mirror image of your content. Keep in your mind; don’t try to choose a title that is creating any negative image of your content, try to make it interesting and reliable.

4)-Be specific and effective-

As you start your blog, be focused and use meaningful effective words, try to create a trustworthy and genuine shadow of your content with your first paragraph. Give an interest optimizing introduction of your blog and try to create an interest for your blog in users mind.

5)-Make connection and be informative-

This is what, most of bloggers don’t know. At first try to make connections by knowing need of user and try to create a punch line for users but be aware you should be informative as well as. Try to put some unknown but realistic informative facts to make sure that reader is also running his/her own mind.

6)-Do not loose command-

It is often come to see that in mid of most of blogs; writers loose command on particular topic. So be focused on your target audience and as well as on your content too. Try to preserve some catchy and informative lines for mid section of your blog. Try to give your best in mid because this is your main body of blog and this is what you are going to write.

7)-Do not use robotic language-

Do not make mistake of making language as a command. Use your senses and keep it in your mind that your reader is also a human. You are free to use the words that one used in daily basis but make sure that you are not losing your focused tone.

8)-Make call for the action-

Do not forget that you are writing for a cause – to connect with the readers and generate an action in readers mind. You should always finish a blog with something that moves the reader to perform a preferred action after reading your blog.

9)-Arrange and keep reading-

This is the time when you are going to finish your blog. At this time you have to read your content again and again and make sure that your content is perfectly arranged. Direction of your blog is forward and it is following basic rule of introduction then body and the end with a satisfying conclusion.


Make sure your theory is finished and now you are at result. Be state foreword at this time. Do not give references for your blog, be confident on your content and try to finish in genuine manner.


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