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Hollywood (Top 100 Places to visit)

Hollywood (Top 100 Places to visit):-

The Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles is known for the glamour of the TV and movie industry. The neighborhood is also the warden of the history of that industry and the pop culture it represents. It is very walk able, and there are historic markers all over the place to tell you the history of different buildings and landmarks. But it’s not the same as walking around with a guide who can help put it all in circumstances . More than a sign of the entertainment business,

Hollywood beckons tourist with landmarks like TCL Chinese Theatre and star-studded Walk of Fame. This culturally diverse, heavily populated neighborhood is notable as the address of the U.S. film industry. It boasts a global reputation that no other neighborhood in Los Angeles has. Though parts of the region can be downright filthy, It still sparkles with charms of old glamorous hotels and celebrity hangouts along with a rising urban  city .

For theatre lovers ,here is a good news, Hollywood Bowl has been hosting concerts in Hollywood  since the LA Philharmonic first played here in 1922. The Hollywood Bowl has hosted many of the greatest musical talents in history and continues to do so every summer. Chinese theatre   in city is a nice place to catch a movie. Most people come to the Chinese Theatre for the hand and/or foot imprints of around 200 Hollywood star. Located in West Hollywood, the well-known Sunset Strip is a portion of Sunset Boulevard. This area, between Hollywood and the high end neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, is very diverse with restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues towered over by huge billboards.

Hollywood offers a lot:-

In short it is great entertaining place for movie fans, fans of star actors/actresses and also for those who have interest in world of cinema. It also known for its glitz and glamour, and the city heats up even more after dark. Nightclubs exist for those who relates with party and clubbing. You can find a rock, jazz, top 40 and Latin club along Hollywood Boulevard and adjacent streets. So don’t forget to experience night life of HOLLYWOOD.  Here, the Academy’s Grand Lobby Gallery and Fourth Floor Gallery offers free exhibitions. These galleries related to the film industry, and are open to the public Tuesday through Sunday.

Here, Hollywood Heritage Museum, dedicated to the early days of filmmaking in Hollywood. The Museum features archival photographs from the silent movie days of motion picture production, movie props, historic papers and other movie related memorabilia. Also featured are historic photos and postcards of the streets, buildings and residences of Hollywood during its halcyon days.


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