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France Tourism (Top 30 Countries to visit)


France, World’s most attractive country,officially the French Republic. Witness of many revolutions currently the country is enjoying a period of stability and also prosperity. Under unitary semi presidential democratic republic system with strong democratic background, government of the country is working stably. Being a member of the Group 7 countries, and also leading industrialized country. It is developing on the policy of sustainable development, one of the first countries to make an environment ministry, in 1971.


The country is always a talk of the town among travelers because it has everything whatever a traveler wants. The food, the art, the architecture, the French way of living, the incredible locations and many more Paris, the capital, is one of the three most visited cities in the world, gets almost all of the attention. Due to the wonderful Eiffel tower but cities like Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux also have rich histories and strong identities.

Anyone can easily find the most impre One ofssive prehistoric art cave in country at Lascaux. Its most -loved landmarks, Mont St-Michel is a splendid blend of nature and architecture no one will wish to miss this unique combination of human effort.

Cycling as well as walking or drifting along the Canal du Midi is the most impressive way of surfing its southwest area.  Jardin du Luxemburg is Paris’s most attractive park; it is the perfect spot for relaxing. Cycling is another way to explore its scenic back roads, and there are several great long-distance cycle routes for travelers. Apart from centralized cities, a country town, Bourg-en-Bresse has a beautiful and chilled out vibe to it, this cute town has an old, relaxed feel but still keeps up with present society by having a vast variety of cool shops to check out. Lyon’s Roman Theater and also the vast Palace of Versailles attest to wealthy history of the country.


1.Eiffel Tower

2.Louvre museum

3.Disneyland Paris


5.French Riviera

6.Arc de Triomphe

7.Notre Dame

8.Tuileries Garden

9.Musée d’Orsay

10.Le Marais

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