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CHINA Tourism (Top 30 Countries to visit)

CHINA Tourism (Top 30 Countries to visit):-

China is world’s most populous country. The republic of China or China is an unitary state in East Asia with a population of around 1.404 billion. Covering an area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometers (3.7 million square miles). It is also the world’s second-largest state by land are. Report says it is one of the most complex power economies just because of its dramatically active cyclic past of gain and loose or we can say prosperity and decline.

Report says China receives 55 million foreign visitors with income of 4.8 million U.S.D per year. The SHAOLIN temple, the Forbidden City and also the HUANGGUOSHU waterfall are some historical and cultural sites in CHINA. The  great wall of china from Dandong in the east to Lop lake in the west is 21,996 km long protective layer and was built by QIN SHI HUANG is the most fascinating site for tourist. The reason behind the creation of Great wall was clear it was not just for Protection or to hide. It was a fully planned military base with watch towers surveillance, fortresses for command posts as well as logistics, beacon towers for communications.


China’s military the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is the largest standing military force in the world. PLA commanded by the Central Military Commission. The People’s Liberation Army consists of the Ground Force, the naval force, the Air Force, as well as the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force.  In last few years along Nuclear power China has developed or acquired numerous advanced missile systems. This systems includes anti-satellite missiles, cruise missiles as well as submarine-launched nuclear ICBMs.

China has good relation with foreign countries. It has diplomatic relations with 175 countries and maintains embassies in 162. China has a close economic and also military relationship with Russia. Along with Brazil, Russia, India as well as South Africa, It is a member of the BRICS group of emerging major economies. Hence in April 2011 China hosted the group’s third official summit at Sanya, Hainan.


1.Forbidden City

2.Summer Palace

3.Terracotta Army

4.Potala Palace

5.Tiananmen Square

6.Great Wall of China

7.Temple of Heaven

8.West Lake

9.Oriental Pearl Tower

10.Stone Forest

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