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Bengal tiger ( Panthera tigris tigris)

Bengal tiger ( Panthera tigris tigris):-

Bengal tiger ( Panthera tigris tigris) is an  Indian native tiger. It is the most abundant of all tiger species with more than 2,500 in the wild. These mainly found in mangrove forests of Sunder ban shared between India and Bangladesh.

Here are some interesting facts about Bengal Tiger

  1. Their preferred preys are water buffaloes wild boars, deer, and antelope but when needed, they can prey on monkeys, peacocks, crocodiles, wolves, leopards and even young elephant and human too.
  2. They are highly endangered species while they are most important due to their top most position in food chain.
  3. We can save 25,000 acres of forest by saving 1 Bengal tiger because of their top most position in forest
  4. Bengal tiger is may be of different colors a white Bengal Tiger with black stripes is because of gene mutation.
  5. An estimate of the World Tiger Recovery Program indicates that there are about 440 individuals in Bangladesh, about 155 in Nepal and about 75 in Bhutan.
  6. It is interesting to know that The Bengal Tiger has the longest canine among all carnivorous mammals. Canine in Bengal tiger can reach a length of 4 inch, this more than Lion’s canine.
  7. The Bengal tigers are nocturnal by vision. They are powerful hunters and are well known to hunt for prey as an everyday need. They can consume 18-40 Kg of meat at a time, depending upon the prey they have hunted.
  8. It is for human that Although Bengal Tigers are carnivorous but they are not man-eaters unless they are extremely hungry but nowadays due to Deforestation and harsh human activity in forest ecosystem they are attacking on human too.
  9. Bengal Tigers are solitary creatures. Their life span is about 15-20 years. Mature tigers can weigh between 100-300 Kg.
  10. They have excellent night vision, six times better than humans that are why they are powerful nocturnal hunters; they can reach a speed up to 55 Km/hr, another plus point for them.


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