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Apple iPhone X Specification, Features and Launching Date




With the launch of Iphone 10 in Steve jobs theatre, Iphone 10 set a new benchmark for the upcoming wireless world with new face id security feature and 11biconic powerful chip.5.8 inch super retina display, true depth camera….let’s see what Tim Cook ,CEO of Apple revealed about Iphone10…

Secure Authentication with Face id password-

This is one of the best features in iphone10. It maps unique id of your face by mapping special geometry of your face by 30,000 invisible dots .This data will analyze by neural engine of A11 super intelligent chip. Your face is your password now even in dark, this adopts physical changes in your face so doesn’t matter what you are wearing, glasses or not, having beard or not .face id is enabled by true depth camera and need just one glance of your face to unlock the device.

Super intelligent A11 Biconic chip –

With superhuman intelligence, A11 Biconic chip is most powerful and smartest chip ever used in any Smartphone. A neural engine that is capable of more than 600 billion operations per second makes it best. The four efficiency cores in the all new CPU of IPHONE10 are up to 70 per cent faster than A10 Fusion. And the two performance cores are up to 25 per cent faster than last one.


Super Retina display-

In the absence of Home button, 5.8 inch super Retina screen is new thing about IPhone 10. Now you can reach Homepage by just one single swipe. The display employs new technology to follow the curves of the design. The first ever used OLED screen with accurate, stunning colors, true blacks, high brightness and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio is enhancing the visuals on screen.

True depth camera –

Here highlighted feature is Portrait mode front camera with Portrait lighting feature. It can produce impressive studio quality lighting effect now in your phone. Company says with new color filter and deeper pixels, new 12-megapixel sensor camera is ready to ease photography. It also has a new telephoto camera with OIS. Portrait lighting depth sensing cameras are ready to make you feel to feel studio quality lighting effects in IPhone10. Both vertical rear cameras are featured with quality optical image stabilization and fast working lenses for excellent photos and videos even in dark. The camera of IPhone 10 is enabling to optical and digital zoom up to 10 xs for photos and 6 xs for videos.

Animoji- by mapping more than 50muscles at a time, true depth camera shows a real time 12 Animoji   appearance and real life 3-d appearance.

The new 3-core GPU is up to 30% faster than A10 fusion while A11 Biconic chip powers a fantabulous real experience in games and Apps
Apple GPU in Iphone X

Apple designed GPU-

The new 3-core GPU is up to 30% faster than A10 fusion. While A11 Biconic chip powers a fantabulous real experience in games and Apps.

Power Efficiency –

A second-generation performance controller and custom battery design that lasts up to two hours longer between charges than IPhone 7 is taking care of battery life in IPhone10.

With all these features IPhone10 also offering a world of wireless charging. Now no need of cable and power plug for charging. Now you can Charge your IPhone with wireless charging stations and mats in hotels, cafés and airports around the world.  Just set your IPhone, Apple Watch and Air Pods anywhere on the mat to charge them wirelessly. The exterior of Iphone 10 is made-up by most durable glass ever used in any Smartphone. It is dust and water resistant too.

Apple has announced that IPhone X pre-orders will begin on 27 October 2017, with shipping to begin 3 November. It will be available in 64 and 256G.B. configuration and pricing in USA starts at $999 which will cost approximately equal to 89,000 rupees in India.

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