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AMAZON FOREST (Top 100 Places to visit)

AMAZON FOREST (Top 100 Places to visit):-

With an area of 5,500,000 km2 AMAZON FOREST is biggest forest range in all over the world. Till date, at least 40,000 plant species, 2,200 fishes, 1,294 birds, 427 mammals, 428 amphibians, and 378 reptiles have been scientifically reported in the region and it is major biodiversity spot on earth. Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, France shares Amazon region.

Amazon forest also refers as the ‘Lungs of the Planet’.  Because more than 20% of the world’s oxygen  produced by the Amazon rainforest. Around 80% of the food we eat originally came from rainforests. Some of the more popular examples include coffee, chocolate, rice, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, black pepper, pineapples and corn.

The Amazon River is by far the world’s largest river by volume and 2nd longest by length. It has over 1,100 tributaries, 17 of which are longer than 1000 miles.

More than 30 million people, including 350 indigenous and ethnic groups, live in the Amazon and depend on nature for agriculture, clothing and traditional


Amazon is full of biodiversity it contains millions of species, most of them still undescribed, and some of the world’s most unusual wildlife. Around 1/3 of the world’s flowering plants grow here (around 80,000 species). An estimated 16,000 different tree species grow in the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazingly ,Amazon facts says An estimated 390 billion trees grow in the Amazon Rainforest.1 in 10 of all the world’s plant and animal species are found in the Amazon Rainforest. 2.5 million insect species found in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with indigenous people of tropical South America in conserving the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest as well as the culture and land of its indigenous people.

More than 90% of the Amazon’s species are insects. One square mile of Amazon houses over 50,000 insect species on average. Most of those are varieties of beetle. The Longhorn Beetle can grow to be over 6 inches long.

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